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MapInfo Discover 3D


Turn a 2D GIS system into a full desktop 3D system

MapInfo Discover 3D offers a highly developed 3D geographical information system software. The 3D GIS system is designed to appeal to geologists, environmental scientists, petroleum engineers and other natural resources professionals.

Combine visualize interrogate and model your data in a dynamic 3D environment with MapInfo Discover 3D geographical information system software.

A full 3D geographical information system

MapInfo Discover 3D turns MapInfo Discover - a two-dimensional Geographical Information System (GIS) - into a full 3D system. MapInfo Discover 3D is fully integrated with the MapInfo Discover desktop GIS.

The MapInfo Discover GIS system and its companion MapInfo Discover 3D module are fully integrated with MapInfo Pro and are designed to unlock the full potential of this industry-leading GIS software. Maximize the value of your data with 3D visualization software MapInfo Discover 3D allows organizations to extract maximum value from their data investment through cutting-edge 3D visualization. This 3D geographical information system is affordable and easy to use meaning many professionals across an organization can utilize its innovative features.

MapInfo Discover 3D allows users to:

  • Work in a unified 3D environment
  • Improve visualization communication and collaboration
  • Take advantage of the cost-effective data immersion option
  • Combine all data into one comprehensive view

MapInfo Discover 3D Data Sheet

Extend MapInfo® Pro with geospatial capabilities designed for the natural resources industry.


Curragh Case Study

"Discover 3D provides me with visualisation and a more streamlined way of managing data with its detailed interpretation and analysis capabilities."


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