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Customize MapInfo Pro


With MapBasic you can automate and streamline repetitive operations, create new features in MapInfo Pro, build complete solutions and integrate MapInfo Pro with other applications.

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Easy to learn and use

The MapBasic development environment is a freely downloadable programming language for MapInfo® Pro. It can be used for any sort of customisation from simply hiding or rearranging a few menus to creating comprehensive mapping applications. Knowledge of programming is helpful but if you are new to programming, MapBasic provides extensive on-line help, documentation and sample applications.

A range of applications

MapBasic can be used for automating repetitive tasks, adding new capabilities to MapInfo® Pro or even creating specific mapping solutions for a particular use or industry. An example of adding a new capability to MapInfo® Pro is the Distance Calculator tool, pictured here. The Distance Calculator is one of the many tools in MapInfo® Pro’s Tool Manager.

Source Code from the Experts

Encom Discover boosts the data handling capabilities of MapInfo® Pro, adding support for over one hundred additional industry-standard formats. These include advanced functionality such as image rectification and re-projection, batch ECW import, vector import and conversion (such as the GPS eXchange and Google Earth formats) and database connectivity (e.g. DataShed and AcQuire).

User-generated tools

MapBasic allows the development of software in popular programming languages such as C, C and Visual Basic to help automate repetitive operations in MapInfo® Pro. Hundreds of third party applications have been created using this flexible development environment, many of which are offered to the MapInfo Community for free.

Visit the MapInfo Tools & Utilities portal to download and share applications.

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Are you a professional developer?

MapInfo MapBasic is specifically for customising MapInfo® Pro. For professional developers we offer a range of developer tools for different environments and deployment models. Pictured (left/right) is MapInfo MapXtreme, a 100% .NET development kit for desktop or web based applications. We also offer a modular platform for enterprise grade applications consisting of Location Intelligence, Routing, Geocoding, Address Management and other modules.

Free MapBasic Download

The MapBasic developement environment is a freely downloadable programming language.


Tasmania Case Study

"With the customisation of MapInfo® Pro, the task of checking and processing valuations can be as simple as a few clicks of the mouse."


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