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Location Intelligence > Location Analytics > Spectrum Spatial for BI

Seamlessly integrate location and business intelligence to transform your business with new insights

Spectrum Spatial for BI

Add the power of Location to your business intelligence - create and centrally manage maps, spatial data and location-based services across your entire enterprise.

Business Intelligence (BI) systems enable advanced query, analytics, reporting and score carding, but provide only a limited view due to its inability to compare, search, query and visualize location-based data such as infrastructure, demographics, jurisdictions, distribution networks, etc. What’s Missing?


Geographic visualization

A map allows users to see spatial patterns and trends and view relative performance data that are often impossible to see using only reports, charts and graphs.


Bi-directional interaction

Spectrum Spatial for BI offers deeper analysis by providing the ability to pass data from a report to a map, and from the map to back to the report.


Spatial filtering

Geographic filtering enables users to incorporate a spatial dimension to analyzing and modifying a report, to show spatial relationships and clustering trends.


BI data enrichment

Proper analysis often benefits from third-party data sets (e.g. demographics, risk data, etc.) that often are not stored within the data warehouse which feeds the BI system. Critical business decisions can be rapidly made through the seamless integration of these value-added data sets for analysis by knowledge workers and executives.

With Spectrum Spatial for BI, combine the technologies of Spatial Analytics/Visualization and the BI System for full utilization of location-based data gaining unparalleled insight.

Spectrum Spatial for BI Data Sheet

Gain new and better insight from spatial data within your Business intelligence System.


Spectrum Spatial for SAP Business Objects - Video Demo

See Spectrum Spatial for BI in action and see what is possible when leveraging the power Location Intelligence with a business intelligence system, in this case, SAP Business Objects.


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