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Learn from our location intelligence and GIS resources.

Document Library

Find the solution you’re looking for with our library of location intelligence and GIS white papers, brochures, data sheets and case studies.


Case Study

  • Bank Of America Case Study
  • Barbican Insurance Case StudyPBS’s Risk Data Suite enables Barbican to perform complex geographical risk analyses, based on a variety of perils, with pinpoint accuracy and in real time.
  • Barnsley Metropolitan Case StudyGIS forms the backbone of Barnsley Council’s enterprise data strategy and makes Council geographic data available via a secure and controlled environment.
  • Britz-Simplot Case Study
  • City of Shapparton Case StudyThe City of Greater Shepparton implemented the Pitney Bowes Software Confirm solution to enable Council to perform effective asset management.
  • Curragh Mine Case StudyArmed with higher quality information and more accurate knowledge Curragh Mine has been able to make more informed and insightful decisions regarding on-site water management processes.
  • Domino's Pizza Case StudyDomino’s implemented a software solution that simplified territory identification and allocation, as well as improving the overall customer experience.
  • Farm Bureau Case StudyFlorida Farm Bureau can easily evaluate how much exposure it can handle in a specific area, taking into account important factors such as profitability, market penetration, rate adequacy and catastrophic risk.
  • Girl Scouts Case StudyGirl Scouts used MapInfo Professional™ to support analysis of a large-scale merger of Girl Scouts’ 312 local councils, as well as mission critical membership strategies and myriad of council-owned property decisions.
  • Golden Plains Shire Case StudyIn order to improve council mapping capabilities and systems, Golden Plains Council incorporated the use of Exponare from across all of their desktop computers.
  • Kapiti Coast District Council Case StudyKapiti Coast District Council implemented a three-dimensional mapping tool which delivered a new capacity to better understand planning decisions and slice and dice in 3D to focus on specific GIS requirements.
  • Pepperidge Farm Case Study
  • Peugeot | Citroen Case StudyRead how Peugeot Citroen improves the accuracy of its drive time profiles to make more informed decisions related to network planning.
  • Reach Media Case StudyEffective targeting of unaddressed mail has streamlined processes and reduced operating costs for New Zealand’s largest provider of unaddressed mailing services.
  • Safer Derbyshire Case StudyRead how Crime Profiler helped SaferDerbyshire co-ordinate efforts between the Council, the Police and other local public sector agencies to tackle and reduce crime and anti-social behavior in line with national targets.
  • Soul Case StudyFind out how Soul Restaurants resolved inefficiencies in their delivery process.
  • SutterHealth Case Study
  • Telenor Pakistan Case Study Learn more about how Telenor Pakistan presents BI data in an online mapping format for enhanced analysis and faster decision making.
  • Verizon Case Study
  • Weight Watchers Case StudyIn partnership with Pitney Bowes Software, Weight Watchers implemented an AnySite-based solution that has given the company a powerful, scientifically driven tool for business growth throughout Australia.
  • Willis Case StudyAbility to visualise a client’s exposure on a map helps Willis Re demonstrate to its clients the benefits of supplying high resolution data.


  • 2014 PBS Data CatalogA catalog listing hundreds of data sets, organised in a way that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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