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CDR Group presents
Site Centred
Waterproof Maps


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Created from the most up-to-date Ordnance Survey data

CDR Group has teamed-up with Hope Digital to provide a new service that delivers site-centred Ordnance Survey laminated maps. You can specify the location of anywhere in Great Britain to centre a customised map at a range of 5 scales to suit your own needs. Not only will it be printed to your area of interest – it will be laminated in the all-weather Aqua3™ coating. With Aqua3™ you can still fold the map without the lamination cracking, it is tearproof, it is lightweight and you can use marker pens that will wipe off it.

You can generate and order your very own site centred map by clicking here

5 scales of Ordnance Survey mapping to suit your own needs

Aqua3™ is the first site centred map to include magnetic data provided by the British Geological Survey. If you're a keen walker, horserider or organisation based in any outdoor activity, take a closer look. The benefits of using Aqua3™ are that all maps are printed using UV inks. The papers used are synthetic so are less affected by water and over-laminated to protect the print.

5 scales of OS mapping image

The Aqua3 Series also allows you to add text notes in the key section. Great for recording grid references, emergency contacts or your personal itinerary. Scales available are:

  • Series 6.25 - a 1:10,000 scale map enlarged to 1:6,250 for clarity

  • Series 12.5 - a 1:12,500 scale enlarged outdoor activities map

  • Series 25 - a 1:25,000 scale outdoor activities map

  • Series 50 - a 1:50,000 scale classic leisure map

  • Series 250 - a 1:250,000 scale travel map

Available folded or flat for wall use, the choice is yours. There is also the option of a larger sized map - Standard maps have 8 panels but you have the choice to add an extra 2 panels giving you an extra wide 10 panel map.

** NEW ** Strip map formats available for linear routes and features.

All of the Ordnance Survey mapping used is the latest up-to-date data provided under licence.
Published by Hope Digital, Parsons Lane, Hope, Hope Valley, S33 6RB.

For further information, please contact our Sales Team

You can generate and order your very own site centred map by clicking here