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MapGML from BY Design

Translation Software for OS MasterMap™ Topo & Highways, VectorMap Local and District

The Ordnance Survey MasterMapTM digital datasets are primarily distributed in GML format (gzipped). The Geographic Markup Language is a format that can be read by most GIS applications. MapGML is an application that is specifically designed to translate and style Ordnance Survey data to provide MapInfo tables in a seamless coverage of structured layers. Different Style settings can be applied to the 4 different OS products that MapGML converts or you can design your own style settings. The latest version of MapGML is now a standalone application and has the option to translate to MapInfo Extended Tables - which can accommodate the whole of Great Britain, if required.

OS MasterMap™ Topo Schema 9

Ordnance Survey are regularly updating their products, and MasterMap is their flagship large-scale premium mapping. The Topography layer was last enhanced with Schema 9, which has many new enhancements and the improvement of the analytical and cartographic content with 76 new descriptive terms. The result is that there are 13 million new enhanced attributes describing the real world, and the enablement of being able to query this data and get and smarter answers. Expect further enhancements by Ordnance Survey in the next few years.

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Includes support for OS MasterMap Highways, VectorMap Local (VML) and VectorMap District (VMD) data.

The OS MasterMap Highways data provides a rich collection of roads information and is provided by Ordnance Survey as a series of related tables. The Highways settings files can be configured to extract just the data that you require, depending upon your user needs. For example, you can extract just the Roads or Path links with basic information for general use. Specific requests for data attribution extraction can be made and we will provide a new settings file. For even greater detail, there is the Routing and Asset Management Information - here you can extract road restrictions, one-way streets, gradients, etc.
You will also find settings files to translate the OS VectorMap Local and VectorMap District datasets.


MapGML uses a fast core translation engine and it is intended for those users who wish to translate full re-supply of data as supplied by the option under the Ordnance Survey SLA. MapGML uses a single stage process to read raw gz files directly and publish to MapInfo tab format using a selected style. MapGML can process some 24,000 OS MasterMapTM objects/second.


  • Version 8 is now a standalone executable, rather than a MapBasic program run within MapInfo.
  • Reads compressed gz files directly.
  • Fastest available one stage process from gz to MapInfo tab format.
  • User defined styles at publishing time.
  • User defined tables and field names within tab files.
  • Option to translate to 32-bit Tables or 64-bit Extended Tables. 64-bit processing power and the ability to store MapInfo tables greater than 2Gb. The Extended Table format is available with MapInfo Pro v15.2+ and has the capability to store the whole of Great Britain, if required.

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For further information, please contact the Sales Team at CDR Group on 01433 621282