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MapGML from BY Design

Updated Translation Software for OS MasterMap™ Schema 9

The Topography Layer of the Ordnance Survey MasterMap™ dataset has been upgraded for 2016, meaning that an updated translator is required to handle the GML files. The latest version of MapGML easily translates the GML/gz MasterMap Schema 9 files into MapInfo .tab format, allowing you to use them within MapInfo Pro.

OS MasterMap™ Schema 9
Ordnance Survey are constantly updating their products, and MasterMap is one of their most popular. The Topography layer has been fitted with many new enhancements and the improvement of the analytical and cartographic content with 76 new descriptive terms. Schema 9 also applies to the simpler delivery of the Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer.
There are up to 13 million new enhanced attributes describing the real world, and the enablement of easier questions and smarter answers.

Urban Content Improvement

  • Part of the wider Geospatial Content Improvement Programme (GCIP).
  • Programmed sweep of around 14,500km2 of urban geography maintained to 3 year currency.
  • Source: High resolution Imagery (10 - 15cm
  • Methodology: Remote sensing and plotting in a stereo environment supplemented by field capture where detail is obscured or not clear.
  • 3,000km targeted for revision in financial year 2015/16.

Includes support for ITN (Integrated Transport Network) Layer and Vector Map Local (VML) data.

MapGML uses a fast core translation engine and it is intended for those users who wish to translate full re-supply of data as supplied by the option under the Ordnance Survey SLA. MapGML uses a single stage process to read raw gz files directly and publish to MapInfo tab format using a selected style. MapGML can process some 24,000 OS MasterMapTM objects/second.


  • Runs within MapInfo.
  • Reads compressed gz files directly.
  • Fastest available one stage process from gz to MapInfoz tab format.
  • User defined styles at publishing time.
  • User defined tables and field names within tab files.
  • Option to translate to single table sets or to translate to seamless table sets.

MM Merge
MM Merge is a utility to ‘manage’ the OS MasterMap .gz files and is able to process all ‘change-only’ updates in order to produce new ‘total coverage’ current .gz files. Using MM Merge and MapGML users are able to utilise the power and flexibility of the MapGML translator while managing all change-only updates with the easy to use MM Merge utility.


  • Runs within MapInfo.
  • Reads OS MasterMap compressed gz files directly.
  • Processes updates up to 10 times faster than translation. Typical updates processed in minutes.
  • Can be used to ‘manage’ the whole country in the native .gz format. Does not require any databases.
  • Produces a log file per update highlighting all changes.

**Coming Soon**
64-bit processing power and the ability to store MapInfo tables greater than 2Gb. The extended table format is available with MapInfo Pro v15.2 and has the capability to store the whole of Great Britain if required. Then we can work on the new OS Highways dataset next. These will come to you automatically if you are under annual maintenance.

For further information, please contact the Sales Team at CDR Group on 01433 621282