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Translation Software for OS MasterMap™

InterpOSe translates OS MasterMap™ into MapInfo and ArcView file formats. OS MasterMap is from the Ordnance Survey DNF™ and is supplied in a compressed GZ format, based on GMLv2. InterpOSe will translate your initial supply and offer intelligent management of your ongoing supply of "change - only" updates.


InterpOSe translates any number of files at the same time into a continuous coverage. OS MasterMap is supplied in geographical "chunks" of either 2km, 5km or 10km and in any combination of 9 themes. In OS MasterMap, the entire land surface is covered by a blanket of polygons. Each customer opts to receive polygons in either a "topological" or an "independent" format – the result after translation is the same for the initial supply. We recommend that you should request "independent" polygons. The product does not use tiles, but is supplied in chunks that contain all the features wholly or partly within arbitrary squares. As a result, adjacent chunks contain duplicate features. Features overlapping the edges of chunks are identified and de-duplicated. Each feature is identified by its TOID™ (TOpographic IDentifier) and version number. These are suitable for associating your own information, and each feature includes comprehensive attribute data.


  • Process a batch of chunks at the same time, with the option to remove duplicate features.

  • No need to uncompress the GZ files you receive, as InterpOSe translates them directly.

  • Use either polygon structure – we recommend independent polygons for speed of translation.

  • Determine the sequence of multiple categories within an attribute, by using precedence tables.

  • Construct and maintain a database containing the complete history of changes for each feature.

  • Automatically apply change-only updates to all features that have been amended or deleted.

  • Graphical style picker to symbolise each type of feature when using MapInfo Professional.

  • Identify the effects of the positional accuracy improvement programme and trigger ShiftWiz.

  • Wizard-based translation.


InterpOSe runs on Windows 95/98 or NT/2000 and outputs MapInfo TAB files, ArcView SHP files or plain text MIF/MID files.

N.B. Translated OS MasterMap files are in the region of 10 times larger than equivalent Land-Line files in MapInfo format.


This software product was developed by Dotted Eyes. InterpOSe v1 release date – September 2001. It includes a component based on FME, licensed from Safe Software. InterpOSe is licensed for perpetual use by a specified number of users within an organisation, which must be named at the time of ordering. A bureau licence is required if the resulting output files are to be distributed outside that organisation.

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