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MapRite™ by ENVITIA

Solutions for Ordnance Survey®

Positional Accuracy Improvement Programme

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© OS Crown Copyright

All users of Ordnance Survey 1:2500 scale mapping - whether as LandLine™ data or as the new OS MasterMap™ - are potentially affected by a nation-wide Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) programme being undertaken by the Ordnance Survey over the next few years.

As well as recording all major changes on the ground, they are bringing the map data into sympathy with the National Grid, which is now consistently related to modern satellite position fixing systems such as GPS. Some features will 'migrate' by as much as 8 metres on the National Grid and this movement will not necessarily be consistent across map tiles, or even within individual ground features such as fields or buildings.

Following extensive research into this subject, CDR Group has selected MapRite as, by far, the most effective solution for correcting data affected by PAI. CDR has teamed-up with ENVITIA to provide and utilise their product MapRite™.

MapRite™ - The Solution

ENVITIA has worked closely with customers who are fundamentally affected by PAI, including Land Registry and South Gloucestershire D.C. to gain a detailed understanding of the business issues related to this topic. The result is a unique solution - MapRite™ - based upon new concepts that consistently produces reliable results.

MapRite's approach to the PAI issue is to examine the shape of each individual item of data and its relationship to OS features. MapRite then uses a set of configurable business rules to derive the optimal result. In this process, MapRite also assesses a number of Confidence Metrics that indicate the success rate of the outcome.

Configurable business rules for your own special needs

Standard dataset configurations supplemented with your own ability to customise as required.

Typical 90% success rate

MapRite reduces your problems from thousands to hundreds.

Fully automated process

Only minimal manual intervention required, significant time and resource savings.

Minimal QA

Confidence Metrics ensure no quality assurance required on 90% of results, minimised resource, and considerable time savings.

Full view and reporting facilities

Audit trail indicating success rates and processes undertaken.

Polygons, points and lines all consistently supported

All possible representations successfully moved.

Independence from link files

No dependence on Link data, real world change management possible.

Process multiple datasets

Maintains relationships - even between users and GIS systems.

Mixed datasets supported

MapRite solves the problem for those customers with both PAI aligned and pre-PAI datasets.

On-line editing tools

All facilities in the same tool - optimised effectiveness.

Pre-processing stage

Our initial data analysis offers the opportunity for data cleansing where issues of original data quality are encountered.

Simple import and export mechanisms

Standards compliant import/export integrating with all corporate GIS.

Screenshot showing the link data relationship between pre and post PAI mapping

ENVITIA's MapRite™ reduces your PAI and data management problems to a manageable level. At the same time, this has highlighted the bigger issues of spatial data management.

Your investment in MapRite™ will continue to be both rewarding and cost-effective for well beyond the period of this current PAI exercise. ENVITIA is committed to a programme of product development and enhancement driven by customer feedback, and will continue to play a central role in this marketplace.

CDR Group is pleased to be working within a partnership agreement with ENVITIA to offer this software, training and related support services. Additionally, CDR offers a bureau service using MapRite™ to undertake PAI and data cleansing work on behalf of the client.

Contact sales for further details.

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