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MapInfo Crime Profiler 1.1


MapInfo Crime Profiler 1.1 is Pitney Bowes Software's dedicated solution for Crime Analysts. It provides a single package of capabilities for applying common operations and a toolkit to enable investigative or research-based analysis. Along with core functions such as hotspot analysis, it includes highly visual and interactive charting and graphing capabilities including time-based analysis.

Crime analysis is a law enforcement function that involves systematic analysis for identifying and analysing patterns and trends in crime and disorder. MapInfo Crime Profiler 1.1 enables information on patterns to be analysed which can help law enforcement agencies deploy resources in a more effective manner, and assist detectives in identifying and apprehending suspects

MapInfo Crime Profiler 1.1 also plays a role in the identification of crime problems, monitoring and evaluating operations and formulating crime prevention strategies.

The offering is a new module for Pitney Bowes Software's MapInfo Professional®. MapInfo Crime Profiler integrates itself in the main menu bar of MapInfo Professional and provides the user with a range of useful crime analysis tools. It enables interactive analysis, allowing the user to conduct complex crime analysis from within MapInfo Professional. This direct connection allows faster visualisation with added simplicity through its dynamic functionality.

Crime Profiler 1.1 Image

Crime Profiler v1.1 includes GraphMap, a tool that provides built-in Analytics

Crime Profiler includes a revolutionary analytics tool called GraphMap. GraphMap features interactive graphing and charting that ties together the mapping and Location Intelligence capabilities with a variety of visualisation and analysis capabilities.

The screen shot depicts a table view, histogram, clock chart and GraphMap. These charts are all interactive. A selection made in one (such as one of the histogram bars) is reflected in all others. In addition a selection can be reflected on the table within MapInfo Professional and vice versa.

GraphMap Image

Powerful Hotspot and Grid Functions

Identifying crime hotspots is an important step in strategic resource and activity planning. The Interactive Gridding tool provides a preview of the hotspot map that is to be created. Should an analyst wish to experiment with the settings, a new preview will be calculated on-the-fly.
A live preview of the hotspot map avoids wasted time that can result from a "trial and error" grid generation process.


Interactive Gridding Image

Easy to use Statistical Calculation and Analysis Tools

Crime Profiler also offers an easy to use interface to quickly calculate statistics on a set of crime (or other) data.
Crime Profiler includes utilities to improve productivity: like the Table Structure Manager to compare 2 or more tables; intuitive tools for filtering data like the Select by Group option; work with image data such as aerial photos by providing capabilities to clip, convert, rectify and reproject images.
Mundane (and sometimes time consuming) tasks are made easier so Crime Analysts can spend more time on their primary function of creating analysis to be used to drive policing strategies and improved performance for the organisation.

Statistics Tool Image

Requires MapInfo Professional v8.5 or later to run.

Volume Licence discounts are available for 5 or more. Contact our Sales Team for more information.

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