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MapInfo® Exponare™

Exponare is an out-of-the-box solution developed on MapInfo’s Enterprise platform. It combines the power of MapInfo’s proven location based technology with the flexibility of the Microsoft® .NET framework and Web Services. CDR Group - MapInfo Exponare

MapInfo® Exponare™ is designed to enable users to connect to the many sources of corporate data, to discover the full extent of their information resource and to deliver the high quality of service demanded by today’s citizens and customers.

Exponare is an integrated suite of applications, with a strong emphasis on integration, centralised management and ease of use. Exponare provides the portal to an organisation’s corporate data, both spatial and non-spatial, allowing users to leverage their corporate information
resource as never before – and to do it with a minimum of down time involved in implementation.

The Exponare product suite consists of a number of modules designed to work seamlessly with each other and act as an integrated suite. Sharing a common code base, each module has a consistent look and feel and is set up with a common configuration tool. The first two modules of the Exponare suite are Enquiry and Public.

Customer Questions Exponare has answered


  • How can I make services more accessible to my citizens?
  • How can I better manage the assets of my county/borough/district?
  • How can I make my agency’s work more accessible and visible to the public?
  • How can I make it easier for citizens to find out where to go for different services?
  • How can I share information within my own organisation and other agencies and departments?
  • Where are critical power or gas lines/bridges/landmarks etc?
  • Where are the closest hospitals, schools, fire stations, etc?


  • How can I prequalify customers for different levels of service?
  • How can I tell if a customer qualifies for high-speed internet access in my network?
  • How can I show my customers over the internet whether they are in a broadband area?
  • Where should I build out my network infrastructure?
  • Where can I target my efforts to generate more subscribers?

Financial services

  • Where should I expand my ATM or branch network to?
  • Where are my most profitable branches/services?
  • Where am I vulnerable to competition?
  • Where are my most profitable customers and what types of products are they purchasing?


  • How can I determine potential risks around a
  • How can I pinpoint a policy on the map?
  • How can I determine if a location (property) is subject to flood/hurricane/tornadoes/wind or earthquake?
  • How can my customers find the closest agent or authorised repair facility?
  • How can my customers find the closest dentist/doctor?




  • Where are my best customers?
  • Are my best customers within 3 miles of a particular type of store?
  • How can I show my customers online where my store locations are?
  • How do I enable my customers to find a store that sells a certain product?
  • Who are my best sales people?
  • What is my best sales area for a particular new product?
  • Where are my customers who have purchased a specific product in the last year?
  • Which areas are my sales team working in
    this week?

Key Features

Ease of use

Exponare has been specifically designed to be user friendly and intuitive with modules catering for a wide range of users from technical specialists to the general public. Standard Windows development methodologies have been employed to incorporate familiar user interface components such as drag and drop, dropdown lists, checkboxes and navigation trees.


The configuration tool provides administrators with
complete control over the user interface, functionality, data sets, queries and print templates. Configuration is managed to group or individual user level and controlled by password login access.

Strong data integration

Exponare Enquiry includes comprehensive data binding capabilities, allowing users to query data stored in MapInfo tables, non-spatial databases (such as Microsoft Access and SQL Server), and spatial databases (such as Oracle Spatial and SpatialWare for SQL Server).


The first level of integration Exponare provides with other applications and databases is via data binding, which allows organisations to access corporate data. A second level of integration can be achieved at the application level by linking Exponare clients to third party applications. Links to third party applications can be created through custom development within the Exponare architecture. This
combination of data level and application level integration makes Exponare the key to full utilisation of an organisation’s information resource.

Central management

The Enquiry and Public modules are managed from a central server so there is no need to visit individual work stations to install or upgrade the software. This drastically reduces time, effort and therefore the cost of deploying the product.

Web services

Enquiry and Public are web service clients that distribute
the functionality of the Exponare Server. The power of web services is that virtually any application on the network can act as an Exponare client and exploit the desired server based functions. This web services approach reduces duplication of effort by making truly distributed use of the spatial functions and configuration ability of the Exponare suite.


All Exponare modules provide an out-of-the-box installation, which means no code development is required to implement the application, thereby ensuring quicker implementation timeframes and a faster return on investment.

Standards based

Consistent with MapInfo’s strong conformance to standards, Exponare also adheres to IT industry and geospatial standards including SOAP, WSDL and .NET to ensure interoperability with other systems.

Enquiry provides internal access to corporate information and allows users to perform queries, generate printed maps, reports and mail merges, and has a strong emphasis on integration with external applications.

  • Configurable user interface and functionality
  • Data binding: multiple objects to multiple databases
  • Queries
  • Red-lining
  • Combined legend & layer control
  • Overview map
  • Automated Mail Merge: Word & HTML
  • Application Link Out
  • Named views
  • Template printing
  • Thematics
  • Favourites
  • Optional user login with password

Public provides easy-to-use
browser based access for the
non-technical user.

  • Browser Based Public Access
  • Fast & Easy to use
  • Integration into existing web sites
  • Customisable user interface (HTML)
  • Standard mapping tools: zoom, pan, selection etc
  • Queries
  • Named views
  • Data binding: multiple objects to multiple databases
  • Template printing
  • Thematics
  • Combined legend & layer control
  • Overview map

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