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MapInfo Stratus is a web-based mapping application that provides current information about the location of assets, businesses and services. Its customisable, interactive portal places the richness of location intelligence at the fingertips of those who need it. MapInfo Stratus provides 24/7 access to location-based data and analysis via the cloud - ideal for disseminating public information, enabling business users to fulfil mapping requests, and sharing geo-based enterprise data. With Stratus, anyone can overlay current data from MapInfo Professional. Users can select views and deliver highly professional, business-branded custom maps online in interactive format.

Screenshot of MapInfo Stratus


Stratus provides an efficient way to publish information-rich maps to your website for easy user access and interaction - with no GIS experience required. It harnesses the powerful analytic and visual capabilities of MapInfo Professional, enabling the use and layering of disparate data sets to create interactive maps.
• Stratus can tap into the data and presentation capabilities available through MapInfo Professional to offer extraordinarily robust analyses.
• The flexible, scaleable design enables organisations to expand and customise applications as needs arise.
• Advanced data integration support provides linking to on-premise information.
• The user-friendly design makes it easy to upload data, add navigation and publish maps for interactive online use.
• Rich Internet Applications (RIA) controls enable spatial content to be quickly and easily embedded into Web sites and applications without the need for lengthy and costly software engineering or development.
• The SaaS-based format effectively manages software updates, significantly lowering data hosting and network infrastructure, operational and resource costs.
• Data updates can be scheduled to ensure users are viewing current information.

Expected Return On Investment

MapInfo® Stratus™ makes it easy to reduce costs, improve efficiency and better meet the needs of customers, citizens and employees.
• Enable customised self-service by providing maps and schedules, specific locators, and more. Readily available when needed, online access reduces call-centre traffic and adds customer convenience.
• Empower data users to view Web-based maps on their own, expediting access to the insights needed for internal analysis and planning.
• Enjoy a faster, easier way to co-ordinate cross-organisational communications such as sales performance, campaign planning, and multi-channel promotional activities.

Stratus In Action Image

Product Advantages


• Latest SaaS technology and standards
• Enhanced security and user management
• Assign permission for key functionality
• “Public Users” can browse anytime
• “Secured Users” must login
• Rich Internet Application (RIA) controls
• Maps and spatial capabilities can be embedded using JavaScript
• Increased map and legend controls
• Improved search functionality
• Improved Map Uploader
• Tracks progress of uploads
• Option to upload data or maps

MapInfo Stratus supports all major Web browsers including Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 16, Firefox 9 and Safari 5.  MapInfo Stratus does not require plug-ins of any kind.
MapInfo Stratus supports Web standards including XHTML 1.0, CSS2.0 and WCAG1.0.


Stratus enables users to access maps where and when they want - and to create customised views that better inform their actions and decisions.  Rich Internet Application (RIA) controls enable maps to be embedded and accessed from within an organisations’ Web site or online portal.  And Stratus is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution via Pitney Bowes’ proven cloud infrastructure, making it easier for organisations to scale and geo-enable required applications and departments.

For further information, please contact the Sales Team at CDR Group on 01433 621282

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