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MapInfo® MapX

Put a Map in it

MapInfo® MapX is a cost-effective, robust OCX component that is easily integrated into business applications using standard visual programming tools. As an OCX, MapX offers true Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) control, allowing you to integrate a mapping object into new and pre-existing business applications, depending upon the needs of the specific users in your organisation.

New Features of v5.0

  • Improved label functionality
  • VB.Net sample applications
  • Dynamic selection for Radius and Polygon Select
  • Snap to Node
  • Translucent Raster Images
  • Label Thematics
  • Support for Multi-point and Collection objects
  • Support for military raster formats including ASRP, ADRG, CADRG, CIB and NITF. Also support for the Military Grid Reference System
  • Improved Object Processing
  • Improved performance connecting to remote RDBMS’ including SpatialWare and Oracle Spatial and Locator
  • Pack Table

MapInfo® MapX Version 5

  • Robust OCX component allows you to embed mapping in a wide variety of business applications
  • Developers can use standard visual programming tools to produce client side and Internet applications
  • Improves the analytical quality of your business applications
  • Full services and support for a "whole product"


Objects, or OCX components, allow developers to integrate functionality, including mapping, into a wide variety of new or existing applications to meet specific business needs, in less time than with past technologies. Maps are an innovative way to view information that everyone can appreciate. They are easier to understand than charts and graphs, and can be interpreted quickly and easily by anyone. Such ease of use and clarity make it easy for users and decision makers to share information and communicate business data. MapInfo® MapX also provides an easy point-and- click interface to information databases, making it simpler for users to access and visualise data.

Spatial Server Access

Spatial Server Access (SSA) is a powerful new feature which allows developers to connect to live data stored in spatial servers like MapInfo's® SpatialWare running on Oracle® and Informix® databases. Spatial servers like SpatialWare allow companies to host their map data like any other data type in their enterprise database for greater processing power, storage and security.

Easy to Use and Costs Less

MapInfo® MapX is integrated using standard programming languages - Visual Basic®, Visual C++, Delphi® or PowerBuilder® - and Internet development environments like Hahtsite®, InterDev® and EdgeworX®. There is no need to learn difficult new programming languages, so developers can quickly and easily design and implement custom solutions.

Reduced Mapping Costs

MapX reduces the cost of acquiring mapping innovation for your company in several ways:

  • Group pricing represents a cost-per-seat saving over other OLE technologies.
  • No need to learn or purchase new or proprietary programming languages.
  • Integration costs decrease with the ability to be embedded quickly into pre-existing business applications.
  • End-user training costs decrease due to the ease of using MapX features incorporated into familiar software environments.

MapX OLE controls are truly embedded in your business applications, so extra support and maintenance cost burdens upon internal MIS departments are minimal. Making information access easier and faster increases productivity and provides long term cost savings.

MapXv5.0 Certified Databases

  • SpatialWare 4.5 on SQL Server 2000
  • SpatialWare 4.5 on IBM Informix 9.21
  • Oracle 9i Locator and Spatial
  • Oracle 8.16 and 8.17 Spatial
  • Microsoft Access 2000

Choose the Functions to Fit Your Business

Developers can choose the features, functions and data needed to address specific business needs:

  • Spatial Server Access (SSA) allows developers to connect to live data stored in spatial servers such as Oracle 8i Spatial®, Informix® and IBM® DB2® databases.
  • Object Processing - developers can enable end users to combine, buffer, intersect, or erase objects like points, lines, and polygons and return resulting data.
  • Drilldown layer - lets users drill down into the map by clicking on the area where more detail is needed.
  • Support forco-ordinatee systems and map projections.
  • Dynamic Data Binding - improves performance when accessing live data on a large database server.
  • Thematic mapping allows users to assign values to different areas on the map and display value ranges using several methods, including shading, dot density and pie charts.
  • Object editing allows users to interact with the map by creating, modifying or deleting objects such as points, lines and boundaries.
  • Visual spatial selections allow users to select and work with points within a polygon (such as a County or Municipality) or within a given radius.
  • Geocoding lets users place locations - such as customers - on a map to the level of postcode centroids.
  • Layer control allows users to manage multiple layers of geographic information, such as data layer colours, zoom levels, fills and visibility.
  • Animation layer stores data and automatically redraws moving objects, letting developers create real-time GPS tracking applications.
  • Raster image handling gives users the ability to display satellite and scanned-in .tiff images as a map layer.
  • Standard database querying - supports queries to the popular data formats used in business applications.
  • Extensive data including a world map, major cities, popular boundaries and more is included with MapInfo® MapX at no additional cost.
  • Find any map object, such as customer, street, postcode, county, etc. can quickly be located and displayed.
  • Map Rotation developers can specify the ability to rotate a map through 360 degrees for greater flexibility and more effective presentation of information (such as rotating the map while tracking a vehicle location in real time).
  • Export Formats MapInfo® MapX exports the following formats: JPG, GIF, WMF, BMP, TIF, PNG, PSD.

"Whole Product" Solution

MapInfo® Corporation offers a complete mapping solution with full world-wide service and support for MapInfo® MapX, including one-stop data shopping, geocoding software and complementary products.

Single Source Data

MapInfo® provides customers with access to data products from around the world via the MapInfo® MapXpress Superstore on the World Wide Web. This comprehensive on-line catalogue can be used for perusing and purchasing world-wide data products electronically. With MapXpress™, there is no need to source original data manufacturers or purchase from several data providers.

Geocoding Solutions

MapInfo® offers a number of geocoding solutions for enhanced address matching capabilities.

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