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MapInfo® MapX® Mobile

The Premier development tool for creating customised mapping applications for the Pocket PC.

MapInfo® MapX® Mobile is a development tool for creating map-based applications for mobile workers. Applications that are built with MapInfo MapX Mobile leverage the Pocket PC Windows operating system, running on devices such as the Compaq® iPAQ and HP® Jornada. This specialised version of the popular MapInfo MapX Active X Control can be used to bring existing map-based applications on to mobile devices, or to create new applications.

Take Maps and Data into the Field

MapInfo MapX Mobile enables developers to create powerful, feature-rich applications for any mobile workforce. These include applications for service and repair representatives, sales professionals, field engineers and technicians, claim representatives, police officers and health, building and agricultural inspectors and public sector personnel.

Map-based mobile applications can improve service, reduce response times, increase individual and group performance and improve operational efficiency by providing every individual worker with quick and easy access to maps and important underlying information. Applications can be created to enable any workforce to track, manage, update or access information in the field.

24 x 7 Access to Data and Applications

Applications built using MapInfo MapX Mobile work anywhere because they do not require wireless connectivity. The application and data reside on the device. Any and all data can be synchronised with the desktop as often as is necessary or desirable, including MapInfo .TAB and .GST files. Applications can also connect to Pocket Access and Microsoft® SQL Server CE.

Mobile applications created with MapInfo MapX Mobile can also receive content via a wireless connection. For example, an application written with MapXMobile can display maps generated by MapInfo MapXtreme®, our Internet/intranet mapping application server.


  • Mobile Solutions: bring map and location-based data on to mobile devices.

  • Client or Server Deployments: deploy with or without live wireless connectivity.

  • Microsoft eMbedded Tools: write applications using common VB and C++ skills.

  • ADO Connectivity: connect to Pocket Access and Microsoft SQL Server CE via ADO.

  • Raster Support: display most popular (satellite, aerial) raster file formats.

  • GPS Integration: display information captured from popular GPs devices.

  • Powerful Object Editing: includes Combine, Intersect, Buffer, Erase and Shade.

  • Interoperability: easy migration of applications written in MapInfo MapX and MapXtreme on to Pocket PC devices.

  • Sample Applications: help get you up and running quickly.

  • Object Processing: powerful and popular functions are accessible, including combine, buffer, intersect and erase objects (points, lines and polygons).

  • Thematic Shading: create thematically shaded maps on the fly.

  • Grid and Hill Shading: allows developers to present highly visual maps, similar to weather or terrain maps in newspapers.

  • User Controls: easy map navigation is maintained with zoom, pan, identify, distance and layer control features.

  • Label Tool and Text Tool: label any object on the map and place arbitrary text on the map.

  • Co-ordinate System/Projection: co-ordinate system/projection transformation on the fly (including custom affine transformations and custom datum) allows different layers with different base co-ordinate systems and projections to be displayed in a common co-ordinate system and projection

Simplified Coding, Simplified Migration from other MapInfo Products

With skills familiar to those working with Visual Basic® and Visual C++, and using Windows® CE embedded Visual Tools 3.0, developers can quickly go to work and easily design and implement mapping applications. MapInfo MapX Mobile also ships with a variety of sample applications and offers a streamlined object model, extensive methods and events, efficient property pages and defaults and other wizards to help simplify application development.

In addition, MapInfo MapX Mobile can be used to “mobilise” any existing applications written with MapInfo development tools. It shares a common object model with MapInfo MapX and MapInfo MapXtreme for Windows, so moving applications from desktop to Internet to PDA requires only the essential platform-specific modifications. Performance, look, feel and functionality can all be maintained, making wide-scale rollouts faster and easier.

Create Powerful, Multi-Featured Applications

Maps and spatial functions find their way into the applications of people with many different levels of need and technical skill: from sales professionals to service personnel, public sector personnel to field engineers. Application developers can serve up simple functionality to some and sophisticated functionality to others. Even novice users can be given access to sophisticated spatial functionality within easy-to-use applications.

Part of a Suite of Developer Tools

MapInfo MapX Mobile is part of a suite of tools that enable application developers to create customised solutions for business and public sector organisations. Our complete toolset includes products for distributed mapping applications, geocoding, spatial data storage, retrieval and management and a wide assortment of spatial, industry and consumer and demographic data. We also provide custom application development, installation and training through MapInfo and our world-wide network of Business Partners, as well as an extensive array of developer support and training offerings.

System Requirements

  • Windows® CE embedded Visual Tools 3.0.
  • Pocket PC 2000 or 2002 with StrongArm Processor.
  • PC with Pentium processor; Pentium 400MHz or higher processor recommended.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system with Service Pack 2 installed or Microsoft Windows NT with Service Pack 6 installed 128 MB RAM (196 MB recommend).


The Software Developer Kit is FREE.

Once you have developed an application, end user deployment licences start with a minimum order of 10 and optional Annual Maintenance.

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