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MapInfo® MapXtreme® 2008



Features and Functions

MapXtreme® 2008 is an ideal development tool for creating map-centric and map-enabled applications for deployment to an organisation. Leading organisations in the public and private sectors use mapping and location-based decision and analysis support systems to make better strategic decisions on where to market and sell, manage and protect physical assets, as well as transport products more efficiently. With applications developed in MapXtreme 2008, your organisation can visualise and analyse data in order to discover new relationships and trends not apparent using traditional methods such as spreadsheets and reports. MapXtreme 2008 helps you meet the needs and expectations of your organisation - both today and tomorrow.

MapXtreme 2008 enables you to create custom mapping applications and map-enabled applications for deployment in both Microsoft Windows desktop and web environments.


  • Single SDK product for the development of both web and desktop applications
  • Efficient sharing and re-use of code and knowledge between deployment types
  • Common and consistent desktop and web development experience


  • Full integration with Visual Studio 2008 development environment
  • Drag and drop functionality to facilitate application development
  • Pre-defined map templates and sample applications to facilitate rapid application development
  • Flexibility to develop applications using the .NET language of your choice making efficient use of the IT skills within your organisation

MapXtreme 2008 SDK


Designed for Microsoft® Windows® programmers who are familiar with the Microsoft .NET development environment, the MapXtreme 2008 SDK enables you to develop applications and solutions that incorporate location within your existing systems and infrastructure. It provides you the ability to develop desktop or web solutions for smart-client, client server, intranet/extranet or mixed environments.

The MapXtreme 2008 object model is 100% .NET so developers experience a tight integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008® with the most usable .NET spatial SDK available.

  • Support for IT standards including Microsoft .NET, ADO.NET, and SQL-3
  • Support for geospatial standards including Open Geospatial Consortium protocols (WMS and WFS)
  • Access to your data "where it lives" within your organisation using standard data access protocols including ADO.NET, ODBC, Oracle Spatial, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Integration of location capabilities into third party business intelligence systems
  • Incorporation of location capabilities such as Geocoding and Routing within your application

Desktop Deployment


The MapXtreme 2008 desktop development option includes numerous map application templates that automatically configure and load the mapping environment for the deployment type chosen. This includes commonly used map control tools, sample applications, and drag and drop development functionality. MapXtreme 2008 desktop option provides full support for Microsoft .NET languages such as VisualBasic.NET
and C#.

  • Superior data access engine with improved functionality and performance through the use of flexible cursors, a source-agnostic approach to data, and the use of industry standard query languages
  • WMS and WFS server and client capabilities
  • Built-in extensible user interface toolbars and dialogue facilities for rapid development
  • Enhanced flexibility of display options including curved labelling, improved symbology, and fill patterns
  • Additional functionality through improved granularity (i.e., improve the clarity of maps by separating elements, attribute data, and analysis results for better display placement and draw order control)

Web Deployment


Much like the desktop development option, MapXtreme 2008 facilitates the rapid development of web applications by providing map application templates, multiple map control tools, sample applications, and drag
and drop development functionality. All web deployable .NET languages, such as ASP.NET, can be used with MapXtreme 2008.

Supported Environments

MapXtreme 2008 supports
a wide variety of spatial and non-spatial databases and file formats.


SQL Server 2000, 2005
Informix IDS 9.3, 9.4
Oracle® 9i, 10g
Microsoft Access
SpatialWare for Microsoft SQL Server and IBM Informix

Operating Systems

Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP and Vista

Development Frameworks

Microsoft .NET Framework
1.1, 2.0, 3.0 & 3.5
Visual Studio®.NET
2005 & 2008
Visual C# Samples
VisualBasic.NET Samples

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