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MapInfo® MapXtreme™ Java™ Edition v4.0

MapXtreme™ is a 100% Java enterprise mapping server for the internet or corporate intranet / extranet. Designed for broad deployment of mapping and location-based analysis, MapXtreme™ helps you to provide better customer service, make better business decisions and manage assets and operations more effectively. MapXtreme™ Java Edition offers application developers a highly visual, intuitive component for integrating mapping functionality into any web application. It complies with J2EE specifications providing unmatched flexibility for application development. The new Enterprise Manager provides a rapid prototyping environment and simplifies the development of applications that use a combination of MapInfo products.

MapXtreme™ enables you to run mapping applications on a centrally managed server, lowering hardware and administrative costs, while dramatically improving application performance, reliability and security.



  • Full-featured mapping server includes robust map viewing, manipulation and thematic mapping functions
  • 100% Java enables cost-effective, multi-platform deployment
  • Multi-threading offers scalability under heavy usage demand
  • Compatibility with J2EE compliant application servers
  • Spatial database access for live data connection and write capabilities
  • Full support for Oracle Spatial™ and Oracle 9i Spatial™ (8.1.6 and 8.1.7)
  • Rapid prototyping deployment platform
  • Style Editor for customised look and feel
  • Composite renderer for vehicle tracking applications
  • Enhanced labelling thematics, individual label control, scalable labels
  • Full XML Interface — Allows interaction with non-Java clients

Robust Mapping Functionality — MapXtreme™ provides robust mapping functions for displaying, selecting and manipulating data.

Web Application Wizard — A rapid deployment tool that will allow application development without coding. The wizard automatically deploys an application and writes out code that a developer can use to build more complex or customised applications.

Theme Wizard — Easily create feature and label Themes based on your actual data. Allows you to control the style, region, line or symbol.

Map Display & Manipulation — Pan, Zoom and Re-centre maps. Click on map objects and retrieve associated database information.

Data Binding — Allows you to use data from non-spatial databases and combine it with MapInfo TAB files to display the information on a map.

Layer Control — Manage multiple layers of geographic information, such as data layer colours, zoom layering, visibility and label styles.

Style Editor — Create and manage customer and industry specific symbol libraries with full XML style capability.

Spatial Selections — Select and work with spatial data at a selected location, or within a given rectangle, radius and polygon.

GRID Support — GRID's enable the storage of attribute information on a per pixel basis, frequently used for continuous shading (elevation, radio signal strength, temperature).

Export Formats — MapXtreme™ exports GIF or JPEG files.

Free Maps and Data — A world map, major cities, popular boundaries and more are included at no additional cost.

100% Java — MapXtreme™ was written exclusively in Java, offering developers and end users key advantages such as:

Scalability — MapXtreme™ uses intelligent Java threading to efficiently serve multiple concurrent users, resulting in low memory consumption per user and scalability as CPUs are added. It can scale to handle heavy usage demand.

Multi-platform — MapXtreme™ can run in mixed hardware environments (UNIX, NT, etc) and is designed to run with J2EE compliant servlet containers. It will deliver maps to any web browser on a PC or UNIX workstation without requiring a proprietary plug-in.

Write Once, Run Anywhere — MapXtreme™ Java applications can be migrated and re-used regardless of future hardware of platform choices, saving you development time and costs.

Fast Application Development — MapXtreme™ Java Edition ships with a set of visual and non-visual Java Beans that speed application development. Because they can be used with visual Internet Development Environments (IDEs) such as Oracle JDeveloper, Borland® JBuilderor SUN® Forte, developers can use the standard drag and drop, set properties mechanism of adding objects to their application.

Flexibility — MapXtreme™ supports a variety of web deployments including thin, medium and thick web browser clients.

  • In thin client deployments, all map generation/rendering is performed on the server, with the client receiving only interactive GIF or JPEG images. On the server, MapXtreme™ runs as a servlet in conjunction with a web server or web server/application server combination.
  • In medium client deployments, the web browser loads a Java applet and receives GIF/JPEG images. The applet enables a more robust and flexible user interface while minimising data downloaded from the server.
  • In thick client deployments, an applet is loaded and the map is streamed to the applet as a series of vectors. Map functionality resides on the client applet. This environment allows the most flexibility and is best suited for higher bandwidth intranets.

Database Connectivity — MapXtreme™ works with spatial data stored in server-side databases. This allows users with security rights to access mission-critical spatial data in enterprise-level database management. Read/Write capabilities to Oracle8i, Informix® Universal Server and IBM® DB2® allow the user to create new map objects and move and delete map objects.

MapXtreme™ is tightly integrated with Oracle 8i Spatial and Oracle 9i Spatial. Full SQL pass through allows for any arbitrary SQL query to be used for a layer definition. Support for Oracle 8.1.6 Thick & Thick Bequeath JDBC drivers may give a 20% or 40% performance boost, respectively.

Tested Environments — MapInfo has tested MapXtreme™ Java Edition for the following environments:

  • Windows NT®, Windows 2000, Sun® Solaris 2.7/2.8 (Sparc), HP/UX 10.2 (PA/RISC)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and above and Netscape 4 and above.

System Requirements

  • Web server that supports servlets or web server with plug-in to support servlets
  • A video card installed on the server
  • A Java 2 Platform compatible virtual machine 1.22 or higher (no longer supporting Java 1.1)
  • 30 megabytes hard drive space for MapXtreme™ Java (~40 MB for installation)
  • 250 megabyte hard disk space for sample map data
  • 64 megabytes of RAM available for MapXtreme™

Integrated Solution

MapXtreme™ supports MapInfo® MapMarker®, MapInfo Routing J Server®, MapInfo Spatialware®, MapInfo MapXtend® and data products to provide the most complete spatial solutions available.

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