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MapInfo® MapXtreme™ v3.0 for Windows®

MapXtreme™ MapInfo's powerful windows based mapping server, enables organisations to share maps and critical business information via the internet and corporate intranet. Developers can implement MapXtreme™ quickly and inexpensively to allow companies to visualise their data on maps - discovering patterns and trends that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

Leading companies around the world use mapping to make better decisions on where to market and sell, manage and protect physical assets, and transport products efficiently. MapXtreme™ offers powerful functionality for these applications - deployed cost-effectively on the corporate intranet.


  • Application server for distributing mapping on corporate intranets and extranets
  • Robust, powerful mapping functionality
  • Spatial database access for live data connection and write capabilities
  • Support for Oracle8™ Spatial


  • Cost-effective deployment on an intranet or internet
  • Pre-packaged solution comes with integrated developer tools for rapid customisation and deployment
  • Full service, support and data for a "whole product" solution
  • Save State Object — Simplifies deployment by saving map sessions
  • Support for military raster formats
  • Support for ECW and MrSID formats
  • Sample Applications Wizard aids in development of new applications

Who Should Use MapXtreme™?

MapXtreme™ is a mapping application server for organisations who recognise that data visualisation and mapping can help them make better business decisions and manage assets and operations more effectively. Developers in these organisations can now access the latest internet and mapping technology to deploy spatial information to larger numbers of people through their corporate intranet or over the internet.

Why Mapping On Your Intranet?

Applications running on a managed server network offer lower hardware and administrative costs, while dramatically improving application performance, reliability and security. Because MapXtreme™ leverages the ease of use and efficiency of internet technology, organisations who once found mapping costs prohibitive can now offer it throughout their organisations at a lower cost per user than ever before.

What Are the Benefits of MapXtreme™?

Cost Effective Deployment

Central management of data and software on the server keeps administrative and per-user costs low. For superior performance, centralisation, and security, MapXtreme™ is compatible with MapInfo SpatialWare™, a powerful spatial data storage product that allows organisations to store spatial data in their central RDBMS.

Rapid Application Development

MapXtreme™ comes complete with everything the application developer needs to get mapping up and running on the organisation's Intranet. And MapXtreme™ is fully scalable — as demand for the application grows, the company can simply add servers to support additional users.

Development Tools

MapXtreme™ provides support to Microsoft's Active Server Pages® (ASP), including sample applications to let you build applications faster and easier. A new app wizard walks ASP users through the steps of building an app and provides a foundation for the development or customisation. As an option for users who choose not to use ASP, MapXtreme™ can be ordered with HAHTsite® for an integrated, pre-packaged web solution. HAHT's application server, web site development and publishing tools provide developers with a complete set of integrated tools to create applications quicker and easier. Including HAHTsite® with MapXtreme™ eliminates the need to purchase a web application development environment. MapXtreme™ v3.0 has an XML dataset for accessing XML data sources and ships with XML and Oracle OCI sample applications.

Compatible with leading Web Servers and Web Browsers

MapXtreme's open architecture works with virtually any web server and takes advantage of ISAPI, NSAPI, or CGI gateways. In addition, MapXtreme™ has no proprietary plug-ins, so it delivers maps to any web browser on a PC or UNIX® workstation.

Robust Mapping Functionality

MapXtreme™ provides a comprehensive list of powerful mapping functions to meet the needs of your solution including:

  • Spatial database access to connect to live data stored in Oracle 8i Spatial® or in spatial servers like MapInfo's SpatialWare running on Microsoft SQL Server, Informix or Oracle® databases.

  • Thematic mapping to assign display value ranges using several methods including shading, graduated symbol, individual value, dot density, pie charts, and bar charts. Thematics can now also be applied to labels.

  • Object Processing to combine, buffer, intersect, or erase objects like points, lines and polygons, and return resulting data.

  • Object Editing to create, modify or delete objects from a map.

  • Draw Layer to draw your own objects on a map, like a distance scale or vectors that represent magnitude and direction of an antenna's transmission.

  • Find to quickly display a specific spot on the map like a postcode, city, street, or customer (note: this does not append Lat/Long to a record as with geocoding).

  • Layer control to manage multiple layers of geographic information, such as data layer colours, zoom levels, visibility, and label styles.

  • Spatial selections to select and work with spatial data at a specified location, within a rectangle, within a given radius, and within a polygon (such as a county).

  • Geocoding to place locations — such as customers — on a map.

  • Database binding to support popular data interfaces used in business applications, including ODBC, DAO, ClipBoard and OLE Data interfaces.

  • Animation layer to store data and automatically redraw moving objects, letting developers create real-time GPS tracking applications.

  • Raster image handling to display satellite and scanned-in .tif images as a map layer.


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