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MapInfo ProViewer™ v12


MapInfo ProViewer is available to download free of charge from the Pitney Bowes Software website: http://www.pitneybowes.com/uk

The product is a complement to MapInfo Professional and is an easy-to-use map viewing tool.  Paper distribution of maps is a difficult solution for sharing in those cases where the data is updated frequently, multiple maps need to be distributed, or your printing capacity cannot handle the level of detail or the size of map.  ProViewer will solve each of these challenges by offering an easy way to see and share maps.

Features and Benefits

MI ProViewer Toolbar Image


  1. Open MapInfo tables and workspaces (including workspaces with Raster & Grid Translucency and 3D Windows)
  2. Print maps, tables, graphs and layouts.
  3. Select objects, maps or tables
  4. Marquee Select from maps
  5. Radius Select from maps
  6. Polygon Select from maps
  7. Boundary Select from maps
  8. Unselect All
  9. Invert Selection
  10. Select table records that correspond to selected graph objects
  11. Zoom In
  12. Zoom Out
  13. Change View
  14. Scroll in every direction
  15. Get information on data behind the map
  16. Hotlinks launch a file or URL associated with an object (including multiple hotlinks)
  17. Label individual map objects
  18. Drag maps to other applications
  19. Measure distances
  20. Display map legends
  21. Display statistics on selected data


  • Eliminates need for paper distribution in your organisation.
  • Manipulates maps with easy-to-use tools for zooming and scrolling.
  • Improves presentations by copying maps into Microsoft Word, Excel, or other applications.
  • Quickly accesses information updated by MapInfo Professional users.


Support for all MapInfo Professional tables and workspaces (including Raster, Vector and Grid translucency).
Display and manipulate 3D views created in MapInfo Professional (including 3D Prism Maps).
Launch URLs and files associated with objects in MapInfo Professional.

  • Display and Manipulate (rotate, pan, zoom, print, info tool) 3D map views saved in workspaces with MapInfo Professional v11.5.
  • Launch URL's and documents associated with objects with the Hotlink tool. Hotlink settings specified and saved as metadata with MapInfo Professional v11.
  • Select map objects with marquee, radius and existing or freehand polygons.
  • Select graph objects.
  • Support all workspace printer settings.
  • Support ECW compressed image files.
  • Support Vertical Mapper grid files.
  • Windows XP and Vista Certified.
  • Directly label map items with the cursor.
  • Select All / Unselect All.
  • Find / Find Selection.
  • Display co-ordinates as degrees, minutes and seconds or as decimal degrees.
  • Open and display raster images compressed in the MrSID formats.
  • Open Oracle9, 10 and 11 Linked Tables.
  • Snap cursor support.
  • Spherical and Cartesian distance / area calculations.
  • Render new 'Grid' tables created in MapInfo Professional with new 'Surface Thematic' capability.
  • Render new 'Cartographic Legends' created in MapInfo Professional and saved in a workspace.
  • Display curved and enhanced label features.

Other Notes:

1. You cannot view or change a projection.

2. You cannot view or change metadata.

3. The only way to close a window (Map, Browser, Layout etc.) is to close the table (File>Close Table, File>Close All).

4. If a workspace includes a Message window, it will not display in ProViewer.

5. You must have local access to any custom fonts, symbols or line styles from MapInfo Professional that a table or a workspace references.

6. You cannot refresh linked tables, although ProViewer can display the copies of records contained in the local table.

7. As in MapInfo Professional, printing to Hewlett Packard PCL printers, including LaserJets and ColorJets, may result in incorrect output using the default printer settings. The following settings need to be changed:

  • Under Printer properties, Device Settings, Page protection should be turned ON, and the printer memory setting may have to be increased.
  • The driver, by default, does not know how much memory is in your printer. If page protection is not turned on, the printer may abort the print operation. Part of the page will be missing from the output as a result.
  • Under document Defaults, Advanced, Document Options, Print Text as Graphics should be turned ON. Without this setting, halo fonts may print incorrectly with the white background covering the black foreground text.

8. In ProViewer, you cannot drag a legend into a Word document unless the legend was embedded in the Map window with MapInfo Professional.

9. ProViewer provides no ability to change distance units.

10. When you open more than one table, ProViewer always maps them in separate Map Windows. The only way to combine multiple tables into a single Map window is to create a workspace using MapInfo Professional and then open the workspace in ProViewer.

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11. The MapShell program that comes with ProViewer provides the ability to embed a map in a Word document and interact with the map. This version of the program, however, does not have all the capability of the version that comes with MapInfo Professional or MapInfo RunTime. In addition, the version of MapShell that ProViewer uses depends on whether you also have MapInfo Professional or MapInfo RunTime installed on your system. Each circumstance is explained below:

  • If MapInfo Professional and ProViewer are on the same system the version of MapShell that comes with MapInfo Professional takes control. " If you uninstall MapInfo Professional, the version of MapShell that comes with ProViewer takes control.
  • If MapInfo RunTime and ProViewer are on the same system, the version of MapShell that comes with MapInfo RunTime takes control.
  • If you uninstall MapInfo RunTime, MapShell is disabled until you reinstall ProViewer or rename MapShell.DRV to MapShell.EXE and explicitly run it.

12. There is no way to associate .TAB or .WOR files to ProViewer so that if you click on them, ProViewer will automatically start and open them.

13. You can rearrange columns in a Browser by clicking on the column title and dragging the column to a new position.

14. If multiple tables are selected for opening in the Open Table dialog, and during the open table operation one of the tables fails to open, none of the subsequent tables in the sequence will open.

15. As in MapInfo Professional, when ProViewer encounters an error during the opening of a workspace, the open operation stops.

16. As in MapInfo Professional, you cannot drag a Map window from ProViewer into PowerPoint for Office 97.

17. The Select tool does nothing in the Layout window.

18. If you create a duplicate of a Map window with the Drag and Drop tool, you can close the duplicated window with the Windows Close button (upper right corner of the window).

19. If the layers of a workspace are unselectable in MapInfo Professional, when the workspace is opened in ProViewer the Info tool will not display any information on those layers.

20. If a pull-down menu contains no options, the word "Empty" will display when the menu is selected.

ProViewer may not be installed on a server. Each user must install ProViewer directly onto their system.

  • ProViewer v12 is not available on CD.
  • Distribution of ProViewer is not allowed. Each user must download the software from the MapInfo website.