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MapInfo ProViewer™ v2021


MapInfo ProViewer is available to download free of charge from the Precisely website: https://www.precisely.com/product/precisely-mapinfo/mapinfo-pro

MapInfo ProViewer™ is available to download free of charge from the Precisely website. A free read-only version of 64-bit MapInfo has been available since v17.0.4. This is part of the normal MapInfo installation where you can choose to install the viewer. This is quite different to the older 32-bit versions of ProViewer, which was a separate product download.

The new ProViewer ("Viewer") is based on the same program code as the full version of MapInfo Pro so the user interface is the same. In addition, you can save maps and layouts to pdf or image formats and open all the same file types as the full version. Be sure to read the blog posts in the MapInfo Pro Community for more info on the ways that MapInfo Pro can enable different types of users to get the value of geospatial analysis and visualisation in an organisation.

Features and Benefits

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Open MapInfo tables and workspaces (including workspaces with Raster & Grid Translucency and 3D Windows)
Print maps, tables and layouts
Select objects, maps or records
Marquee Select from maps
Radius Select from maps
Polygon Select from maps
Boundary Select from maps
Unselect All
Invert Selection
Select records from the Browser
Create HeatMaps

Zoom In
Zoom Out
Change View
Pan/Scroll in every direction
Get information on data behind the map
Hotlinks launch a file or URL associated with an object (including multiple hotlinks)
Label individual map objects
Drag maps to other applications
Measure distances
Display map legends
Display statistics on selected data


  • Eliminates need for paper distribution in your organisation
  • Quickly accesses data updated by MapInfo Professional users
  • Manipulates maps with easy-to-use tools for zooming and scrolling
  • Improves presentations by copying maps into Microsoft Word, Excel, or other applications

To run the Viewer version of MapInfo Pro, the user must create an online account, which can be done from MapInfo Pro by selecting the "Pro" tab and then clicking on "Services"


MapInfo Pro Viewer supports all languages supported by MapInfo Pro.

Features and Limitations

1. MapInfo Pro Viewer mode allows you to open and view any MapInfo Pro workspace (.wor) file. In addition, MapInfo .tab files and other supported formats (such as geopackage, csv, excel, sql server, postgis, etc.) can be opened and viewed.
2. Limited analysis is allowed such as queries, selections, browsing data, turning map layers on/off.
3. Printing and exporting to pdf of Maps and Layouts are allowed.
4. Limited editing of Layout text and image frame is allowed before printing.
5. Editing of data is not supported (restricted).
6. Saving of any changes to the workspace is also not allowed in the Viewer plan.
7. Running a MapInfo Pro Add-in or other .mbx programs is not possible in the Viewer.
8. In Viewer mode, Bing basemaps and the Search capability are only allowed if the User has a Bing key which can be entered on the Backstage Licensing Tab.

Version 17 of MapInfo Pro introduced the new "Customer Experience Program" which anonymously tracks user activity. This information is used to identify most commonly used features and areas for improvement. If running MapInfo Pro in Viewer mode, the User cannot opt-out of the Customer Experience Program. The full version of MapInfo Pro gives the User the option to turn off the Customer Experience Program from Pro > Options > Application Preferences.

Styling in Viewer:

The Viewer uses a subdued grey theme, which is quite different from the MapInfo Pro colour scheme.
If the User wants to keep the same style as MapInfo Pro, it can be changed in the styles\MapInfoProStyle.xml file under the MapInfo Pro installation folder, changing the
"OverrideDefaultStyle" key to "true".


The same MapInfoPro.exe is used to install the normal licensed version of MapInfo Pro, the trial version and the Viewer version.
In the Viewer mode the SPATIAL Tab is hidden, along with some groups from the Map and Table Tabs. Other commands on the ribbon are hidden or disabled.
When running in Viewer mode, MapInfo Pro uses different docking and ribbon state filenames to allow for separate window and ribbon customisations based on the plan name.

While installing MapInfo Pro, if the license key is entered, both the Viewer and the licensed Pro is installed, MapInfo Pro being the default mode. There are check boxes to install either or both programs.

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