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MapInfo Product Family

Precisely MapInfo is the world leader in business mapping software offering solutions that span the enterprise: from desktop software and embeddable component technology, to server-based solutions and internet/intranet deployment.

The MapInfo product range includes:

MapInfo Professional®

Desktop / Client

MapInfo Professional, the industry standard for solving geographically-related business problems, is a full-featured software package offering a robust set of tools to perform sophisticated business mapping and GIS functions. It allows you to edit and create new maps and table data, create maps that reveal the true meaning behind rows and columns of data and connect directly to server-side databases such as Oracle, Informix, Sybase and others. It can be customised for any application use or business environment. Brief summary of each version's key features.


Desktop Development Environment

MapBasic is a robust, structured BASIC-like language that enables both experienced and novice programmers to create custom MapInfo applications, extend the functionality of MapInfo, automate repetitive operations or integrate MapInfo with other applications. It contains powerful statements that enable you to add maps and geographic functionality to your applications with only a few lines of code.

MapInfo Vertical Mapper®

Desktop / Client

An effective tool for calculating and displaying the trends of data which vary continuously over geographic space. Vertical Mapper is used extensively for contour modelling and 3D visualisation and analysis It provides a mechanism for sophisticated comparison and analysis of multiple map layers. By using grid technology to interpolate between points it is possible to analyse data without using artificial boundaries.


Windows OCX Development Environment

MapX offers the easiest, most cost-effective way to embed mapping functionality into new and existing applications. MapX is an OCX component that can be integrated quickly into applications using Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Visual C++ or other object-oriented languages. Developers can work in the environments they are familiar with and end users can access mapping through their familiar business applications. Still used extensively despite MapXtreme and newer .NET capabilities are now available.

MapInfo MapX® Mobile

OCX Development Environment

MapX Mobile is a version of MapX that will run on the Pocket PC platform - i.e. the HP iPAQ and other PDA devices. New mobile applications as well as mobile extensions to existing applications can be created with this developer tool. Applications that are built with MapX Mobile can run stand-alone on the device using the Pocket PC Windows Operating System. They do not require a wireless connection.

MapInfo Discovery™

Internet / Intranet Publishing

MapInfo Discovery is an extension to MapInfo Professional that is ideal for anyone who wants to share maps via the internet or intranet. This fast, easy and cost-effective product uses standard web browser technology to share maps. Now colleagues in an organisation can easily access interactive maps showing the results of analysis. It is easy-to-do, requires no programming or Internet skills and, most importantly, increases the value of the analyst's work throughout an organisation.

MapInfo® MapXtreme® for Windows - PRODUCT FROZEN

Internet / Intranet Development Environment

MapXtreme offers powerful, cost-effective mapping solutions for widespread deployment over the web. Using their web browsers or a custom client interface, multiple users can easily access powerful data analysis and visualisation tools. All applications and data reside on the server, reducing the cost of updating and enhancing the ability to share data remotely among workgroups. MapXtreme offers a robust feature set for viewing and manipulating data and integrates seamlessly with RDBMS and other MapInfo server applications. It is tightly integrated with Oracle 8i Spatial and is available in Java or Windows NT versions.

MapInfo® MapXtreme® 2008

.NET Development Environment

The MapXtreme 2008 SDK is designed for Microsoft Windows programmers who are familiar with Microsoft .Net development environment that are interested in developing applications and solutions that incorporate location with their existing systems and infrastructure. MapXtreme 2008 SDK is a single offering providing the ability to develop desktop or Smart Client applications as well as web applications. The MapXtreme 2008 object model is 100% .NET so developers experience a tight integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008® with the most usable .NET spatial SDK available.

MapInfo® SpatialWare®


MapInfo SpatialWare is a powerful database extension that allows the integration and management of spatial data in the corporate RDBMS. This extends the organisation's database for enterprise-wide deployment of location-based applications and is ideal for managing large geographic datasets when the data is updated regularly and accessed by multiple users. MapInfo SpatialWare supports Microsoft SQL Server, Informix and IBM DB2 and integrates seamlessly with other MapInfo applications.


.NET Web Deployment

Exponare is an out-of-the-box solution developed on MapInfo's Enterprise Platform. It combines the power of MapInfo's proven location based technology with the flexibility of the Microsoft® .NET framework and Web Services. The first two modules of the Exponare suite are Enquiry and Public.


Intranet Web Deployment

PlanWeb represents a powerful, function-rich, browser-based corporate intranet GIS solution that can help organisations to deploy and derive value from spatial information across a diverse and geographically dispersed enterprise. PlanWeb was designed with input from location intelligence professionals and Local Government practitioners, with feedback from a large user base and a dedicated user group. It has the ability to link to most databases and internal systems, including BS7666 Land and Property Gazetteers, helping make joined-up government a reality. It can even read mapping formats from other GIS.


Internet Web Deployment

PlanAccess is an OGC- and eGIF-compliant web map server that was built using MapXtreme® and developed in direct response to the needs of Local Authorities. It delivers appropriate mapping to each section of a web site so users do not have to search for a "map area." PARSOL and Property Account Modules offer additional capabilities.

Stratus Connect

Internet Web Deployment

Stratus Connect is designed for spatial data owners and web developers within organisations who need to share corporate data with citizens, councillors and wider stakeholders through a web-based mapping application to provide live information about the location of services in any given vicinity. Stratus Connect can be used internally or externally to promote efficiencies and cost savings with the benefit of an enhanced citizen experience and self-service capabilities.

MapInfo Manager

Metadata Catalogue Web Deployment

A web application designed to capture, store and distribute metadata. It is based on ISO and INSPIRE Standards and allows organisations to share access to large data catalogues. Metadata ensures the right data is available to the right people at the right time. MapInfo Manager is a platform-independent toolkit, allowing enterprises to organise and share access to large data catalogues. MapInfo Manager's web-based delivery offers secure access to anyone with a web browser.

Encom Engage

Desktop / Client

Building on the many powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) features of MapInfo Professional®,
Engage converts MapInfo Professional into a sophisticated and easy-to-use tool for managing,
manipulating and displaying virtually any geographically-related data set. The Engage product suite encompasses three package levels:

Engage – Designed to extend the existing functionality of MapInfo Professional by providing a number of
enhanced productivity tools.

Engage3D incorporates the powerful EngageSurfaces module, designed for the creation, manipulation and analysis
of surface grids. Engage3D also enables data to be displayed in a 3D environment.

Engage3D Pro – The powerhouse of the Engage suite, containing the full range of 2D features with additional 3D functionality.

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