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Vertical Mapper v3.7 was released in 2009

A further patch v3.7.1 was supplied in 2011

Support for this product ended in 2012


We know a lot of our clients still utilise Vertical Mapper using an old licence of 32-bit MapInfo Pro but from 2012 is no longer supported by Pitney Bowes. If you require this functionality in 64-bit MapInfo Pro, then you should refer to MapInfo Pro Advanced, which provides unrivalled performance and unlimited file size for raster grids. Click here for more details

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An effective tool for calculating and displaying the trends of data which vary continuously over geographic space. It provides a mechanism for sophisticated comparison and analysis of multiple map layers. If you want answers from location-based data, Vertical Mapper™ will find them, creating grids, or continuous surfaces of information, from point data by estimating values between known points - without using artificial boundaries.

Using grids you can create stunning visual images by applying gradient colour palettes to the range of grid values. You can use Vertical Mapper to visualise elevation, show the distribution of wealth across a city, optimise the location of broadcast towers, analyse health issues, generate soil chemistry maps, model environmental information and much more.

Vertical Mapper™ helps turn your data investment into compelling, meaningful information to give your business the upper hand.

Features and Benefits:

The following are some of the features and benefits of Vertical Mapper:

  • Kriging - a geostatistical interpolation method for building grids with a minimal possible deviation.
  • Enhanced speed with large files.
  • Direct display of grids through raster drivers - no more generation of additional TIFF images (save disc space!).
  • Powerful natural neighbour interpolators offer incredible surface control - grids automatically fill to a user defined boundary polygon.
  • Wizard dialogs for interpolation routines.
  • Quick access to functions through the grid manager.
  • Supports classed grids (characters as opposed to numbers) using a new .gro grid format.
  • Dictionary editor for classified grids allows easy reassignment of class names and colours.
  • Analyse multiple layers (F classified and numeric grid data) using easy-to-build expressions in the grid calculator.
  • Support for z-unit types used in the telecommunications industry.
  • Run interpolation on mapped or unmapped point data.
  • Powerful graphing engine has a wide range of display options for professional graphs.
  • Export grids to VRML format for 3D Fly-Through viewing in the standalone viewer or in your Internet browser.
  • Gridview is enhanced with a dynamic 3D preview window and has the ability to render multiple grid layers in the same scene.
  • Grid resizer allows any change to grid resolution.
  • 2 way support for grids (.GRD) between Version 1 and 2.
  • Region to grid generator provides 3D thematic maps or input for multi-layer grid analysis.
  • Viewshed, point-to-point view analysis, and visual exposure analysis (multipoint to multipoint).
  • Dynamic on/off relief shading and colour control of displayed grids.
  • Trim grids to complex regions.
  • Cluster function allows grid values to be reassigned to smaller "indexed" ranges.
  • Perform region analysis on entire tables of regions - each region in the table browser is updated with the statistical information from grid cells which lie within it.
  • Enhanced legend generator.
  • Limit the extent of voronoi diagrams to user defined boundaries.
  • Change grid projections.
  • New grid import capabilities.
  • One button volume calculation.
  • Interpolation settings are automatically recorded in grid for future reference (metadata).
  • True overland distance calculations.
  • Statistical filters (jumping or moving).
  • Dynamically updated info tool.
  • Grid splicer - merge, stamp or tile grids.
  • Reclassification of numeric and character grids and exporting grids to .tif formats.
  • Predictive analysis tool.
  • Point density derivation.
  • Correlation tool.
  • Custom point estimation.
  • GRC reclass.
  • Version 3.7 contains a new Import Raster Data as Vertical Mapper Grid feature which will enable you to convert raster data such as *.bmp file into a Vertical Mapper Grid file.

NB. v3.7 requires MapInfo Professional v9.5 minimum.

Also available

Also available Vertical Mapper Software Developer kit to enable developers to build application - specific software solutions. Functions include: grid creation through interpolation and modelling, data aggregation, natural neighbourhood analysis, contour operations and grid read/write, grid analysis and grid tools. Typical programming languages include c/c ++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Powerbuilder and MapBasic, £495.00.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact sales at CDR Group on 01433 621282.

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