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MapInfo Foundation Course Training - MI2

The foundation course is designed for people who will be using MapInfo on a day to day basis. The focus of the course is on basic operations, and how to find, and use the MapInfo tools to carry them out. The course is designed as a series of modules covering different aspects of MapInfo use, and each session uses a worked example for delegates to follow on their own PCs. Delegates are provided with a full training manual which may be kept for future reference.

The course is designed for users new to MapInfo, who have some knowledge of using other Windows based packages. The aim of the session is to be as ‘non-technical’ as possible, while providing the students with all of the information required to start using MapInfo effectively.

Throughout the course examples from realistic business cases are used, and there is an opportunity at the end of the course for students to discuss the specifics of their business case with the trainer.

Cost: Please contact us for the cost of this course.

Foundation Course Topics

Start-up - How to start MapInfo and designate data for display on the screen
This section covers how to start MapInfo and how data can be displayed in windows.

Working with data - Viewing maps, associated data and graphs
Within MapInfo, data can be viewed through maps, browsers and graphs, these windows can be manipulated to allow you to get the best from your data.

Developing maps - How to map the data you have created or imported
Once data has been loaded into MapInfo, then it is necessary to map it to take advantage of the extra features offered by the GIS and Desktop mapping functions. This lesson takes students through the initial stages of assigning geographic information to existing data, and identifying and using the existing geocoding data.

Database queries - How to find data items you require through simple database queries
One of MapInfo’s powerful functions is the ability to search for items of data based on some attribute of that data, and then locate the information in geographic space against other data.

Storing Data - Creating new database tables
Although MapInfo has powerful links to allow data to be imported or opened from a variety of formats, sometimes it is necessary to create new database tables. This lesson shows the user how to create new MapInfo database tables and store both textual and spatial information.

Thematic Mapping - The definition of a map display to convey information about the data mapped
Having carried out analysis and search functions on data, this section shows the user how to create map displays that represent these expressions in a meaningful way.

Output Design - Finally, the course shows the students how to create useful hard-copy output for inclusion in reports and presentations.

This course is recognised by the AGI and carries 8 CPD Points



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